Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Author Web Site Activity***

Drawing the connection between the web sites of popular authors and classroom instructional practice can be a very fruitful approach to enriching standard elements of literacy instruction. Below you'll find a list of resources to review and a brief reflective exercise through which you'll see the richness of this category of resource and the learning opportunities it presents. Also, a list of recommendations by class students as a result of the exercise!

General Author Site Resource(s):
• Index to Internet Sites:
Children's and Young Adults' Authors & Illustrators

• Authors & Illustrators on the Web

Some Examples

Tomi Da Paola – for younger readers strong on visual art connection

TA Barron – upper elementary and up (?) – maps, imaginary lands, etc.

Judy Blume – a perennial k-12 favorite author

Faith Ringgold – Anyone can.. if you try.

Louis Sachar – Holes!!!!

Student Recommendations of Author Websites:

Shel Silverstein and Jerry Spinelli (submitted for her group by Hannah Whang)

Dan Pilkey - Author of Captain Underpants
(submitted by Jessica Rivera and Cassandra Jones)
and Gail Gibbons

Byrd Baylor (submitted by Ethan Goldwater and Mike Chrzanowski)
No official website - this series of related resources assembled instead.

Activity with Author Sites

1) List an author(s) whose works you use/would like to use/intend to use in class

2) Does this author have a website?

3) How would you rate the usefulness of the information found on this site?
How would you utilize it as an instructional resource in your class?

4) What sorts of ‘extras’ are to be found on this author’s site?

5) Other observations ? Suggestions ?

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