Monday, June 23, 2008

Hello Fordham Students

Dear Students - I will be fulfilling a long standing commitment at the National Educational Computing Conference in San Antonio, TX and flying back to New York late on July 1.

Consequently, our class will meet formally for the first time on the 2nd scheduled session, Wednesday - July 2 (for students enrolled in section 59100 21) OR Thursday – July 3 (for students enrolled in section 59100 22). The following assignment represents an alternative, online class session. Please do as much as possible before we meet. – We will review some of this at that first meeting and discuss logistical issues that came up as you worked on it, as well. All will be responsible for completing this by our 3rd session, although I request you have it done by the 2nd.

Part 1.a Assigned text *Meaningful Learning with Technology Read chapters 1 and 2

Part 1.b Assigned text *Podcasting for Teachers Read the Preface and skim read through Part 1 “Revolution in our Pockets”

Part 1.c Article(s) 'Read' a, b, & c below follow the link to an online copy of each article (these are actually blog posts)

a) Using Blogs Within The ESL Classroom

b) Blogging in the ESL classroom

c) Actually this one is viewing & listening AND reading as it is a YouTube video
Blogs in the ESL classroom

Responding (to Part 1-a.b.c above) : For chapters 1 and 2 (of Meaningful Learning with Technology) write a half page response (approx. 200 -250 words) for each chapter. Write a single, combined response for the 3 articles (blog posts, video) approx. 200 -250 words. Please do not summarize. Rather, give a response that:
· reflects whether or not you agree with the position taken by the author,
· have concerns with any of the facts or supporting ideas presented,
· have insights about how this point relates in particular to your teaching assignment (job), and or philosophy of education
· Other (type of response that reveals how your understanding has shifted, been reinforced, or expanded).

email me your response at: OR respond in the assignments section of our class BlackBoard section OR both...

Part 2 Doing: Set up a blog for your work in this class. Use Google’s free Blogger (blogspot) online blogging resource to create a blog for your work in this class.

Give your blog a name that reveals something about your teaching work or hopes for your teaching practice and/or educational philosophy. Be focused and appropriate, but feel free to have fun with this! Try to select a blog address that is easy to remember.

You may need to ‘register’ for Google or Gmail before you can create the blog. Once you create the blog you will have to make a variety of decisions about how it will look, navigate, and function. Your experiences, problems, issues, and questions about all of these aspects of blogging will become part of our class work. Therefore, be certain to make a note of these as you go through the exercise of setting up the blog and bring your issues in to class. The blog will be a work in progress, so do as much as you can and then our class discussion will empower you to move further along. As soon as you have a blog that is up and running on the web please email me a link to it.

Also: Please provide me with the following information which will help me better individualize the shape of our course as we move forward

Your Name:

Teaching Assignment:
Are you currently teaching? Where?
If not will you be teaching soon?

Please describe your assignment (or the one you expect/hope to be in soon) –
student population type

Contact phone # (to be used only in an emergency like cancellation class on short notice if unavoidable):

1 King & Gura Podcasting for Teachers Information
Age Publishing
2 Jonassen et al Meaningful learning with technology Prentice Hall 2008
4th ed

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