Wednesday, July 2, 2008

***Assignment #2

Part 1.a - 1) Read Chapter 10 of Podcasting for Teachers (and listen to a few of the podcast examples given in the text). - Select 1 approach to the use of podcasting by teachers that you feel will have promise in your own teaching practice and explain why
- After listening to the example given in the book (or another you find on your own) discuss briefly how you might want to “tweak” the approach or enhance it for you own use.
Part 1.b - 2) Read Chapter 3 of Meaningful Learning with Technology. From the perspective that ESL/ELL education is not solely the teaching of language, but the establishment of a supportive environment in which students with language challenges succeed in learning across the curriculum, select one practice or resource given in the chapter and discuss the language issues and solutions that apply to it.

Go to the NYS Department of Education/Office of Bilingual Education website that presents the standards for ESL.

Part 2 Also:

Go to the website of ISTE (International Society of Technology Educators) that presents the NETS (National Educational Technology Standards)

Select a standards document (ESL) that’s the appropriate level for your teaching position (or anticipated position) and address the following:
1) How and where do you see alignments between these 2 sets of standards (ESL and NETS)?
2) Describe an activity that you would do in your class that is emblematic of how the 2 sets of standards overlap.

Part 3 - Doing:
Using Google or (another search engine) find 3 (or more) podcasts for ESL teachers or students – listen to them – and review on for your classmates and colleagues. Relate where you found the podcast (who produces it? – give the URL). Write a short review (roughly 100 words) describing the content, the audience for who it is intended, how it is to be used, etc. Also, do you see value in this podcast? What do you feel would make it more valuable as a resource? etc.

Suggestion for presenting the above: Present this as a post on your new blog and embed a link to the podcast. You may then provide a short message in Blackboard with a link to your blog post.

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