Sunday, July 20, 2008

In Class Activity #4 - Garthering Data in Student Projects***

Gathering Information – A Dimension of Technology-Supported Learning Projects:

Identifying a topic and gathering information for it is an important dimension of project-based learning. Below are some ways students may be tasked and guided to accomplish this, including and going beyond the use of search engines.

In class activity – In a group identify a type of information gathering on which you’ll base a learning activity for students:

Develop a task that requires information – describe how you would present the activity to youngsters – what sort of process records and final product would they produce? Which resources would you suggest they use in order to participate? (the links below are examples and suggestions... feel free to locate and include your own).

Write this up briefly – List the members of your group - Have someone in the group email it to:

Special Search Engines for Youngsters


Weather Data:

Web Cams:
Good Examples
Outermost Harbor – Massachusetts.

Big Ben London – Refreshes every 5 seconds…

Venice Beach

National Zoo

Sources of Web Cams

Moving Targets:
- Currency Converter -
- Cheat Sheet
- How much would it cost? -

Data projects for students
Stevens Institute – Live Data!lessons


Doing Surveys
- Survey Monkey
- Zoomerang
- Other…

Other Approaches to Gathering Information
And for further discussion down the road The NYC DOE Performance Standards and Student Work Samples...

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