Wednesday, July 9, 2008

In Class Assignment 7/9 - 10

Go to the Read Write Think website:

Next select Student Materials:

We will be working from this section today.

On this page you will find a list of Graphic Organizer type interactive tools created to support a variety of common approaches to learning English Language, many of them having to do with writing.

We will work in small groups.
1. Review the tools and then select one you feel has potential to support learning to write.
2. After you select the tool, you will be presented with a library of lesson plans for which it is a recommended resource. Review some and select one as the focus for this activity.
3. Discuss and prepare to report back to the group on the following:

• Which tool did you select?
- What do you see as its strong points?
- What do you see as its weaknesses for you to use as an instructional resource?
- *How would you implement the use of this with a class of students?
(Organization, tech deployment scheme, time flow, etc.)
- How would you change the tool if you could?

• Which lesson did you choose?
- How does the tool support the lesson?
- How would you modify the way the plan given uses the tool?
- What sorts of support would you CREATE to adapt the use of this lesson and the tool in order to use it effectively with your students?

• How might you extend the efficacy of this activity (tool and lesson) by adding other technologies or traditional resources to the mix?

• Other observations, reactions, thoughts, etc. you’d like to share that relate to this experience?

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