Monday, July 14, 2008

In Class Activity # 2 - Review Student tech PRODUCTS

Let’s look at some examples of the products that are produced as part of technology supported student learning projects.

There are a variety of approaches that result in differing content formats, media formats, and that use differing tools.

Content approaches:
Digital Storytelling
Digital Reports
Published Writing (traditional hard copy approach, but given a professional look and feel by the use of technology).
Student adaptations of popular media formats (announcements, commercials, talk shows, interviews, etc.)

Media formats (common):
Slide Show
Video (or slide show converted to a video)
- Web page (interactive – non linear format)- Web page (uploaded print pages)
Multi Media Presentations (i.e. Kid Pix)

Student Product Examples:

Of Special Note:Mabry Middle School reports on science and social issues (done as iMovies)
(note the credits at the end of the movies)

There are many 10s of thousands of tech supported student products, related lessons, and ideas online. Obviously, the above sampling is not comprehensive! A wide variety of approaches, uses of tools, and instructional goals is given.

Reflection: What do you feel here is of value? Is practical? Adds to the usual instructional experience? What would you change? Want to try? Think you can improve on?

What questions do you have about how to do these? What’s practical? Implementation? Etc.

How hard is it to do?… Web 2.0 is making it easier…here’s one I produced in under 5 minutes simply as an experiement. I had my usual web browser – some digital photos already saved – and MS WORD to work with (also screen capture technology)
Tools of note:
Animoto – (60 second demo)

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