Thursday, July 3, 2008

Class Assignments

The course assignments will consist of:

1) Chapters from the book Meaningful Learning With Technology -
I will be assigning chapters in the order in which they are presented in the book. We will cover most of it during the course.


Chapters from Podcasting for Teachers, which will be presented in the order that they support our class activities and discussions.


Selected readings from blogs, websites, or online media relevant to the path our discussions take.

For each assigned reading please do a half page response (roughly 250 words) that is not a summary but your reflections on the item's significance and relevance to your teaching practice. Please submit these to me by email or respond directly in our class section of Blackboard.

2) There will be a number of online discussions facilitated through Blackboard. All students should post a response to the prompt and then respond to the comments of 2 (or more) classmates.

3) You will be developing a blog over time. This blog will also be the vehicle by which you present your final project (see separate post on that).
I will be grading the above either 0 - 1 - or 2 (1 is completed and satisfactory and 2 completed to a high standard)... an average will be worked out to determine your number of points for this segment of your final grade.

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Ohkono said...

Are the chapter responses due weekly? Will you be assigning responses per week or per class?