Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Great Stuff to READ

The items below are not assigned reading, but are recommended to you as items of particular interest:

NY Times article: CORRECTED: Technology Reshapes America's Classrooms

Education Week article: (read overview...full article requires paid subscription)
How 'Disruptive Innovation' Will Change the Way We Learn

eSchool News article:
Educators wrestle with digital-equity challenges Summit addresses key question: How to ensure access to digital learning opportunities for all students;_hbguid=3ee76aac-60d0-4651-a669-608fa438b83d

My article in (winter 2008) Converge Magazine:
Bridge Over Technology Waters (scroll to page 19>>>)

Education Week free summer bonus issue on (What a concept… teaching students how to think!) Summer 2008 (Online Only)Thinking Skills NOW
In this summer online-only issue, our authors describe the learning experiences and special projects that improved their students' ability to think deeply and well. From a group of 5th grade students learning all about the history of their county to an algebra class learning that linear functions are everywhere, these articles show students learning how to think critically and creatively.
This issue is open to everyone—no login necessary

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