Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday - July 7th - Class Announcements

Greetings Students - I hope all had a pleasant 4th of July weekend!

Appologies for time and location confusions about class last Thursday - July 3rd!

Please note that we have been assigned to Room 306 (computer lab) for the rest of the course!

Assignments have been posted in this blog and I am in the process of returning #1 to all who submitted it. Please note that Assignment #3 has been posted below:

I have also posted a first dicussion assignment:
and you should weigh in on that (please email me with any issues or problems you have in using the blog tool, etc.). I hope to move the discussions to BlackBoard as soon as the class is a little more comfortable with it.

This blog is a place for me to post notices, reflections, and additional information that are not assignments, as well. Please read the post on Keep Your Computer Safe (please!)

I look forward to our in-class conversation this week.

Mark Gura
PS - Please use your Fordham Email for all email exchanges with me.

PSS - FYI class sylabus

Read this document on Scribd: CTGE 59100 Summer Session Sylabus

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