Tuesday, July 8, 2008

***Assignment #4

Assignment #4

I’ll make this one due by Wed. 7/16/08 which will give all a chance to get caught up.
In the interim, be sure to participate in Discussion #1 (blog and or Blackboard).

Also, here’s an extra article you may want to read:
CORRECTED: Technology Reshapes America's Classrooms http://www.nytimes.com/reuters/technology/tech-usa-education-technology.html?_r=1&oref=slogin

You may want to listen to this week’s episode of The Teachers Podcast (if you listen be sure to check out the links given in the website) http://www.teacherspodcast.org/

Also, you may want to review our class blog. As you build out your blog you may find the “technology tips” I’ve put in to be useful. Our class blog is an organic, ongoing item and may offer you a model of approaches you would use in a similar blog in your own teaching.

Assignment #4

Part 1
Read chapter 5 of Meaningful Learning with Technology.
Write a response (approx. 250) on your reflections on the how this fits into your understanding of education and how it might be used in your own teaching practice.

Part 2
Building out your blog a little, let’s try a ‘post’ that you might create for your students. Find an item on the web that you feel is appropriate and worthwhile to present to your students. In your text (a paragraph or 2) put a hyperlink into your blog that will take the reader to the item you’ve selected. Give directions on what to do with the content you are sending him to (i.e. print this out, read in entirety, read the first 3 paragraphs, etc.). Also, give directions to the student on processing the content (i.e. summarize, list new vocabulary, write a short reflection, etc.).

The above is required, but the following are suggestions for how you might enhance the blog experience for your student:

Upload a still photo or a scan
Upload (or embed) a video
Put a link in to a podcast or sound file
Upload or embed a slide show

How would you use the item you include instructionally?

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