Friday, July 4, 2008

Uploading Audio to Your Blog

Although recording and (simple) editing of sound is relatively easy to do with Audacity, uploading it is not so simple. Blogger (our blog tool) does not seem to accept audio files currently. However, once recorded, your audio can be imported into a simple video editing program (i.e. Windows Movie Maker or iMovie). Blogger readily takes these videos or they can be uploaded to a video media sharing resource (i.e. YouTube, TeacherTube, BlipTV, SchoolTube, etc.) and then embedded in the blog page. Here's my audio on YouTube (because it will play in a video player, I decided to create a simple piece of art to look at while the audio runs:)

Another method is to upload to Our Media (a free media sharing resource). This however is somewhat complex as it involves 1) downloading and setting up their SpinExpress software 2) (free) 2) registering for a free account with The Internet Library, a 3) registering for a free account with Our Media - all before you can upload.

However, the result will be a convenient sound upload that offers the ability to upload to your blog in a simple, attractive player like the one below (click on it to listen to my message).

Thanks to Ethan for suggesting - an easy to use free place to upload and share audio (and other media formats) see below.


piebuko said...

Thanks! I was wondering how I can upload audio myself. :)

jamieinenglewood said...

hELLO CAN YOU give me any tips,im trying to upload music,or audio to my website,but when I try,its say add the url where the music,and I do,but when im done,the names of the tracks are on the player,but know music,it also says I can upload it straight from my computer,id rather do it by url,send me an answer if you know to thank you