Monday, July 21, 2008

Instructor's Reflections on In-class Discussion on Student Products

Instructor’s reflections on class discussion about student products…

The student product type of choice at the moment seems to be either the digital video or the annotated, enhanced slide show… Interestingly, the 2 formats seem to be moving toward merging into one!

Additionally, this format which at first seemed like a media format developed for student project application, seems to be moving into the mainstream culture as well as the for school publishing space. 2 items that suggest this are

1) Jib Jab

and 2) Scholastic’s BookFlix product

All this leads us to taking another look at PowerPoint and its classroom/student project applications…

More on Power Point
As a focus, I’ll use a quick PowerPoint demo I made to explain the Comic Book effect in MS Word that we spoke of in class a few times…

1. Power Point as a Publishing Medium
Here it is using Slide Share
and with Scribd

2. Power Point presented in a kiosk

3. Convert PowerPoint to upload to a Blog

4. PowerPoint for Stop Action Animation

More on Stop Action Animation:

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