Sunday, July 6, 2008

Adding Media to Your Blog

As we build out our blogs we will be adding information through text AND through the use of media. We will cover this gradually in class, but here are a few ideas to mull over beforehand:

- Still photos and photo galleries, videos, sound files, slide shows, documents, and other media are all common types of items used to enhance blogs and make the messages they carry more engaging and functional.

- What are the copyright issues involved in using these?

- Does Blogger (the blogging tool we are using) allow all of these types of media to be imported into the blog?

- Putting a hyper link into your blog text is really no different than putting one in a Word Processing document or your email. But how do you insert a ‘player’ for something like a YouTube video? (See my first post for an example).

Also, we are likely to want to enhance our blogs with still digital photos. You can get these primarily in 3 ways: 1) take photos with a digital camera (jpg and gif file formats are generally the ones to use) 2) you can find these on the web and download them (but you may only use them on your blog if there are no copyright issues associated with them) 3) you can also use a scanner and output the scan as a jpg or gif file.

Furthermore, once you have photos in your computer you can ‘work’ on them in a photo processing program like Photoshop. Picasa (offered by Google, a trusted source) is a free downloadable program that is very useful… alternatively you can upload your photos to Picasa Web Albums (also free) and work on them there and download the photos when you want to use them.

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