Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Back Up a Blog?

I've found Blogger to be stable and dependable. Yet, nothing's perfect. As you put more information on your blog it would probably be a good idea to back it up.


Here's a simple method that will prove invaluable in case lightning strikes the Google server farm...

Open up an individual blog post (not the whole shebang) so that you are backing up in sections...

Use the 'Select All' function to highlight everything you want to save.

And then use the "Copy" function to copy the info and hold it on your "Clip Board"

Next open a new word processing document > and paste the information you copied into it.

Click "Save As" give it a title and store it in a safe place where you will be able to find it (a folder titled Blog Back Up, perhaps?)...

Happy blogging!

1 comment:

Ohkono said...

This will come in handy, as last night my computer crashed 3 times as i worked on my blog..NOw I just constantly save my work before I publish it.