Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Student Project/Product Assessment Activity***

Our Final Project should include an assessment scheme for the students’ performance and product. After your peruse the list of resources below, go to the assignment in red below and complete it so that your ideas, discoveries, and reflections can be shared in class with your colleagues.

Rubrics & Rubric Generator Resources
The following tools and resources can facilitate the creation of rubrics for your classroom projects. extensive library of rubric examples sorted by subject and project/product type – including technology/media – based products.
A good general example of how to construct a rubric (taken from the resource above)
An end to end ‘one stop’ shop for rubrics, creation tool – gallery of examples sort various ways – online community of rubric using educators, etc.
An extensive library of rubrics created by teachers
Many rubrics (periodically has tech problems, though)
A very popular resource for teachers.
A rubric portal Also *

Principles of Learning -
A useful framework for looking at how learning happens and can be made to happen within the institutional structure of school.
*Important Question: Which of the 9 principles applies to assessment based on performance or product? How? Which might you build in to an assessment scheme that involves the use of rubrics?

***Assignment: Design a rubric to use with a project you’ve adopted, adapted, or created. Which criteria would you incorporate in the rubric?

Yes, list all the parts/dimensions of the student product that should be rated, a series of ratings (A, B, C etc.), and define what a product would look like in order to merit each of these ratings… and then double back to the Principles of Learning to reflect on what other dimensions (social?) might be included in your rating scheme as well.

You may use a rubric building online tool or simply create one on your own using WORD or another resource that will produce a practical rubric form for classroom use.

Check out the following directions for a hint…From Chicago Public School System

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