Sunday, July 13, 2008

Instructor's Reflections on Adopting, Adapting, and Improving on Read – Write – Think tool software.

Read Write Think offers a large library of instructional software tools. These have limitations though. One approach to using this resource more effectively is to view it as a source of ideas and models that can be extended in their functionality and usefulness by using them in concert with other software items. Here are some observations and reflections based on the class’ reviews of the R-W-T tools…

Find other software that will do the same things as R - W - T

Tom Snyder Productions (educational software producer)
Time Liner

Flip Book

Comic Book Software

Overcome Read Write Think’s lack of “Save” function with screen capture functions (Windows and MAC OS)

See previous blog post "How to Do a Screen Capture"

Free trial software:

Examples using this approach:

OR... simply re-create the Read Write Think tool by using MS WORD (or other) software...

Scroll to page 2 of the example given and embedded in the scribd 'viewer'

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