Sunday, July 6, 2008

***Assignment # 3

Supporting Writing with Classroom Technology

How you use technology in education is more important than if you use it at all.

________________________________________David Thornburg

Part 1.a

Read Chapter 4 " Supporting Writing with Technology" in our book Meaningful Learning with Technology. This is one of the most important ways technology currently supports learning and offers much food for thought for ESL teachers in particular.

Part 1.b

Read Chapter 14 "Curricular Connections" in our book Podcasting for Teachers. One focus for ELL students is to learn English (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) - another is to succeed beyond learning English through demonstrating English language competencies across the curriculum. How may podcasting play a role in helping students achieve these goals?

Part 1.c

Listen to the Podcast "Principle 1 of 5 Principles of Effective English Language Instruction." What is your reaction to this? Can you think of ways that podcasting might support this approach?

Write a reaction (approx. 250 words) for each of the above.

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