Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wiki Activity***

Welcome to the CTGE 59100 Educational Wiki Film Festival
(13 minutes of great Wiki explaining video!)
and Class Wiki Activity

A good example of a wiki tool that has been adopted by educators is the PB Wiki (Peanut Butter Wiki)… Here are some general wiki videos that will explain them and some ‘how to’ and introductory videos created by the PB Wiki team:

Overview and PB Wiki Web Address:

Teaching with a Wiki

What Is a Wiki? (from and Ed Tech expert!)

Wikis in Plain English

Blogs Vs. Wikis

PB Wiki What is a Wiki?

PB Wiki Helping Educators

PB Wiki Getting Started

Seen enough explanatory video? Good! Let's go to our class wiki.
You'll find it at:

This wiki is not for everyone so you'll need to put the following invite key "tech4tesol".
Once in the wiki follow the directions there. Also, check your email periodically as you will be getting emailed heads ups about wiki activity...

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